PENTENS E-501LN Tank Lining Epoxy Coating

PENTENS E-501LN Tank Lining Epoxy is a 100% solids modified epoxy coating designed for high performance waterproofing, chemical resistance and traffic compatibility under a wide range of application and service conditions.

PENTENS T-009 Water-based Silylated PMMA Coating

PENTENS T-009 is a PMMA-silylated polymethylmeth-acrylate resin based coating of good hardness, adhesion, wear resistant, scratch resistant, UV resistant, anticorrosive sealer, primer & finish for a wide variety of exterior and interior surfaces.


PENTENS T-250 Art Coat is a special technology with use multi-color paint to imitation marble or granite. Improve the workability of colorful paint. Provide designers and developers with different choice in the walls and floor of expression.

PENTENS T-202 Ceramic Coating

PENTENS T-202 is a single component, water-based, ready mixed, PU-acrylic based, coarse textured decorative and protective coating finish over prepared concrete, masonry and steel structures.

PENTENS 603 Acetic Cure Silicone Sealant

PENTENS 603 is one part acetoxy cure, widely used for glazing and sealing and weatherproofing in all building, modular house, freight container, roofing and cladding joint. Excellent adhesion to glass, aluminum, ceramic. Painted surface, most metals,

PENTENS 605 Neutral Cure Silicone Sealant

PENTENS 605 neutral cure silicone sealant widely used for glazing, sealing and weatherproofing in all buildings, modular houses, freight containers, roofing and cladding joints. Excellent adhesion to glass, aluminum, ceramics, painted surface,...

PENTENS T-810S Isothermal Mortar

PENTENS T-810S contains aggregate that is natural or synthetic which weighs less than others. The lightweight is due to the cellular or high internal porous microstructure, which gives this type of aggregate a low bulk specific gravity.

PENTENS T-802 Waterplug

PENTENS T-802 A blend of hydraulic cements, wellgraded sands and chemical additives supplied in dry powder form to seal concrete, and masonry as a rapid setting remedy to plug active water instantly.

PENTENS T-308 Crystalline Admixture Waterproofing

PENTENS T-308 is added to batches of concrete during the mixing process for new construction projects. The high-growth organic component of the product reacts with water and unhydrated particles in concrete to form millions of needle-like crystals.

PENTENS ECO-600TR Epoxy Clear Coat

PENTENS ECO-600TR is a special formulated two-component solvent-less epoxy transparent coating which is good abrasion resistant, chemical resistant, high polish gloss floor protective coat.